Re: ATS100 (Interesting) Initial observations

Issac Quincey

This could be another option for me. I might stick to my PL380 first and really learn all I can about that.

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On Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 at 1:58 AM, FenDrifter via <essexmarshman@...> wrote:

Okay, it’s arrived. 

At first I thought the battery was dead, but when I looked at it an hour later, it having been on charge (USB C) I discovered (no instructions) that you have to hold down the selector/tuning switch for a second or two. I have only been playing with it a short time but I think it’s going to be a fascinating, if tedious, little set. Tedious because to change any setting you do of course have to first click down the switch, and then turn either way to select your choice. What impresses me most is the whip antenna, it’s just quality. There’s a of static through the speaker, but when I plugged in my headphones it was much better. However, there’s a fairly high pitched whine caused by the display, which I found out when it automatically switched off. I did try it on a weak and fading signal I found initially on my E5 and then compared (Giovanni Baroni, IK5YZZ on 142.15) and it was equally as good. More to come. 


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