Re: What is your personal challenge for 2022?

Zacharias Liangas

For MW /SW ( I m mostly a SW listener )

Try to listen to some hard to listen stations as possible . in some cases to check via remote SDRs for interesting stations in Europe or in the SEA which is my main music  interest.

My holy grail for MW  is listening to Lyca Radio on 1458 , In my area in Thessaloniki the signal is very low ,even if checked  with the Tescun mini loop. It is too bad parts of the remain country can receive it much better


Listening to Greek pirate radio stations on MW is ranked 3-4th but  the funniest of all is a ‘friends’  CQUAM  transmission much with better than FM audio! after listening to him i immediately sent him a report via FC messenger. FYI Grece has more than 500 MW radio pirates>locally ther are around 55  in the N Grece

There is some times the interest in listening with my basketenna a 55x35 cm a former veggie plastic frame that was used 10 yeas ago and then left it  for further enhancements esp fpr LW tripling by the wire length

Semi-pirate or pirate  radio from Europe on SW is a different question The last two years is my only source of QSLs


For FM – using Tecsun PLradios is as like DXing .  its bandwidth is very narrow

The aim is only one: to update the FM listing in both areas  : Thessaloniki and Mount Olymp There are standard cases to listen several to stations from the Skopje borders (we call this way you call N Macedonia) and also Blagoevgrad Bulgaria.  

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