Re: Radio Options


Okay Issac, we now know what you’re after. As a beginner myself I feel I can save you a bit of time and money. There are some very good cheap analogue radios about; avoid them! You need to have a digital readout, not only for convenience but later on for accurate logging of stations. If you know the precise frequency of the station you’ve found you can, by various means of deduction find out later what you have heard. The next definite is that the radio should have shortwave. It’s from this point on it becomes more arbitrary. There are certain things that are nice to have but are by no means necessary. Bear in mind that you will almost certainly not use this radio for long, but during the initial learning process you will automatically become more sure of what you want or need. Membership of this group will help you enormously, it’s a very knowledgeable and friendly bunch of people. Have a further look at the possibilities on Amazon (having already eliminated your first two choices) and come back to us with what you’ve found, before you buy. 


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