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The instruction sheet does show how to change the step to 10 KHz, but further down in the specs, it seems that the frequency range depends on the market. The NA/SA model goes to 1710 KHz, while the model for "other countries" does not, even with the step changed.

This behavior is entirely consistent with Sony's design on other digital radios, like the SRF-M97 pocket radio. The ones on eBay are for the Hong Kong market and only go to 1620 KHz even with the step set for North America. An identical looking NA/SA model was briefly available and it covered the full MW band regardless.

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Hi Horacio:

It looks very intruiging, although I have never heard anything about it.

As to how it matches up with the ULR definitions, at $127 it is more than
$100, so that would apparently disqualify it. Also, it looks like it only
tunes to 1602 khz in 9 khz steps, so DXers in the Americas may not find it
that attareactive.

Man, I wish Sony would market these types of radios in the Western
hemisphere!! Something like this would probably be much cheaper and would
have 9/10 khz step selection.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

Anybody can tell if this is a good ULR?

Horacio A. Nigro

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