Re: Tecsun AN-200 = Sutekus

kevin asato

In addition to using the loop completely standalone next to the radio (coupled to the internal antenna or passive), you can also connect an external wire antenna and ground/earth to what is normally the connection to the radio (1/8"-3.5mm jack). Space permitting, you will enjoy the benefit of a larger signal capture area with the longer wire and ground as well as using the loop as a preselector and inductively passing the frequency of interest off to the radio. i have done this with my Terk Advantage which is similar to the Tecsun/Kaito/etc. It works but does remove a bit of the indoor portability but is another avenue to explore. 
For temporary installs i have tied a ground connection to.a screwdriver into the soil and a wire tossed on a fence or tree. For more permanent installations, proper static discharge and good grounding rules apply.
i like using these commercial type loops as i can throw it in my luggage without worry about the loop wire snagging on something and coming apart.
Similar ideas like this are presented on crystal radio sites. A number of radios shown on these sites are definitely not in the ultralight category!

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Hi Peter
Yes, that is impressive. I found this one:
which shows a direct connection into a PL-330 having disconnected the internal ferrite rod. I tried this and was definitely able to tune a better signal, so maybe the two photos I posted earlier don’t show damage? I have to admit that I’d be a lot more confident about the whole affair if those ‘broken’ areas weren’t there! I’m toying withe idea of requesting a replacement. 


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