Tecsun AN-200 = Sutekus


Hi all
I just received today from Amazon a Sutekus loop antenna, thinking it appeared the same as the Tecsun AN-200. To my surprise it was both! See the below pics for explanation. In terms of effectiveness I am hugely disappointed. I was under the impression that it would enhance weak stations, but that wasn’t my experience. The first radio I tried it on was my Tecsun PL-330. I tried multiple positions all round the set, tuning the full sweep of the unit (not very great) in each position. The only effect I noticed was, in what I assume was the tuned position, was loud static. Next I tried a Philips AE-3405/01 with exactly the same result. I then tried a very cheap and nasty NT-999 which produced a minor level of enhancement and showing a surprisingly wide tuning range which separated on one occasion three stations within it’s sweep. So, I don’t feel I can send it back, because it does actually work although I’ll probably never use it again. If anyone else has a more positive experience with this I’d be interested to hear it. My own recommendation is to avoid it. 


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