Re: DXing while away? Unattended Recording

Tony Germanotta

No disrespect intended. I sometimes go back to that little Sony that started all of this and marvel at what such a tiny radio with a ferrite shorter than a finger joint can hear. And sometimes, it is able to null better than a big boy. To me, that is ultralight radio. 

I remember visiting with an ultra low frequency club that was dxing on the outer banks. They used a home built active antenna with a couple foot long whip propped up in a small back yard surrounded by noisy cottages. With a Tentec SDR and a laptop. they were able to log Soviet submarine transmissions. 

It was amazing. 

On Jan 28, 2022, at 12:24 PM, Robert Conboy <robconboy@...> wrote:

“Real radios glow in the dark.”


I used to be a purist about such things but found that the pursuit of purity is futile.


Perseus, for example, recording the band, and sifting through recorded captures with Jaguar.


That is about as far opposite from dx’ing with a tiny portable as one can get. 


Yet still equally valid. If it weren’t, then pushing the front section of an ultralight out of the radio by coupling it into a high performance tuned antenna like an FSL would also be “cheating”.




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