Re: DXing while away? Unattended Recording

Tony Germanotta

Johnny, it’s usually the radio that is closest. I have quite a few scattered around the house. 
My Sony 2010 is the best combination of sensitivity and audio. It has an old Kiwa wide, steep skirt filter I installed, which helped a lot on shortwave where channels are only 5 kHz apart.  Back when shortwave was booming, it was my go-to rig. I have better table top radios like Drake R8a and Tube rigs like an R390 and Hammerlund HQ 180ax.  Those radios, attached to a good long wire antenna, were great for SW. An amplified air loop made them great on MW as well. But the 2010 ran pretty close, so long as you didn’t overload the front end. And it was on my bedside table for quick listening sessions. The 32 dedicated memories, each with a button are also much more convenient than any subsequent page system, even if they hold more options. 

Now, I usually chase MW when I DX. Shortwave is largely preachers and doomsdayers now. Barefoot, nothing matches the 2010 on MW. I also have the old GE Superradio and a Radio Shack TRF, that are great but analog. 

If you add in a FSL or box antenna, some of the new portables with narrower bandwidths are great options. 

I have a first generation Tecsun PL-310 that I modified to use the antenna socket to replace the internal ferrite. There was a tutorial on that in the files section many years ago. I have a FSL that’s about 4 inches in diameter, that I plug straight into the radio. It tunes the FSL fine. I think Gary has tried larger FSLs and they don’t work. That rig, on a cheap lazy Susan, is great for band scanning and DXing. 

As they say in sports though, often the best ability is availability. So I love the one I’m with. At some point, it’s more technique and conditions. A better radio in bad conditions just gives you better reception of atmospheric noise. 

Hope that helps. Bottom line, like real estate, radio is usually about location, location, location. What you can hear on a beach usually vanishes a few miles inshore. Add in neighbors with light dimmers and big screen tvs, and the gear often doesn’t really matter. 

On Jan 28, 2022, at 11:28 AM, Johnny via <jlochey@...> wrote:

I'm in the boat you're in, for me the thrill is in the moment, not sure I'd get that same "feeling" from making recordings for myself either.  I actually DX to relax and unwind...  it also has a nostalgic flare to it for me as well...

Not ruling it out in the future, but I'll just keep that technique "in my back pocket" for now, maybe use it down the road in my DXing hobby.

Really cool options though!

Out of curiosity what radio do you find yourself using the most for your DX'ing?


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