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Two days ago, Paul Weiss and I had a brief private exchange related to the DT-200VX and the E100. Paul was kind enough to allow me to post the relevant parts here. John Bryant

On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 8:46 PM, John H. Bryant < bjohnorcas@...> wrote:
Hi, Paul, answers below:

At 08:03 PM 6/13/2008 -0500, you wrote:
Hi John,

What do you think about the DT-200VX unmodified?

Nice radio, but needs sharper IF filter. Guy Atkins is the one who knows the details of the filter and could maybe send you an internal photo.

I am looking at a simple digital ULr to run barefoot.

I really think that the one to get is the Eton E100.  They are still available on Ebay for about $40... Lots of advantages over the DT-200VX. Its as sharp, filtering, STOCK as is my DT-200VX modified.  Has 1 kHz tuning (channel by channel w/no off-tuning for the DT-200VX)

I have one DT-200VX. I have FOUR E100s. :>)

I currently have an SRF-59 and it rocks other than not having a digital readout. I have looked at the SRF-M37V but have heard it has some problems. Gary posted that a modified 37 is not better than a barefoot 200VX.

Although Allen Willie has set a huge number of records with the M37V, it does not offer many important advantages that the 200VX provides stock.... and I think that the 200VX is a distant second place to the E100, myself. I think that Gary may do a mid-summer shoot-out that will expand on some of my observations.  I own all three digitals that you mention. I love the E100!!!

Also, in case I might want to modify the 200VX can you explain the filters please. And also your booster bar.

The booster bar is similar to the one that Gil Stacy wrote about. His article is in the Ultralight files at dxer.ca.

Thanks for asking, Paul.  Please let me know if I can forward a copy of this to the Ultralight group.  I think that several people might be interested in the answer.

John B.

Paul then asked:

        Couple of questions about the E100. Does it qualify as a ULr? I see in the documents that they do not list SW as a band that a ULr can have although it is in   the ULr Gallery pdf.

         Yes, Paul, the E100 was accepted by the Committee as an Ultralight.  I believe that it is the only digitally-dialed ULR with one kHz tuning steps... Very handy for slight off-tuning, of course.  It is certainly acceptable for the Barefoot Class for Records and Awards.

Since the E100 is no longer part of the Eton Line, I'd guess that the availability of them on Ebay, new-in-box, is very finite.

John Bryant

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