Re: [irca] AM Radio In Alaska

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

I have 2 5" FSL antennas and they do just that.. one can do reception and one can null.  The 5" FSL's out perform box loops 3-4 feet in size.

I didnt want to totally null things out in this case, to show an example of what I heard as I heard it


On Thu, Jan 27, 2022 at 10:40 AM Rick Kunath via <> wrote:

I wonder if a 4-foot box loop (box not spiral, i.e. the NRC design)
would let you null that offending station? You should be able to do that
using a combination of rotation in azimuth and tilting in elevation,
then back and forth to get the null deep enough to take them out. Back
when I had strong locals I was able to do that using that loop. You ahve
to be careful to get the loop balance just right. That's not hard to do
if you follow the directions. And then you get a good really deep null.

It might be worth a try and you'd have another tool.

Have you tried tilting and rotating the FSL at all? Assuming the
internal loopstick on the portable doesn't get any of the offending
station. Otherwise nulling is harder. I would think that would work the
same way an air-core loop does. I know the ferrite bar loops I built
back in the day worked that way.

Rick Kunath, K9AO

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