AM Radio In Alaska

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

I've shared my DX clips from well outside Alaska, but I wanted to show just how far AM's in Alaska carry and how good the signals can be.

Thought you'd like to hear these clips. I've heard ALL AM's in Alaska, but one.. KTKN 930 which is blocked by KNSA 930 Unalakleet here, only 180 miels away with 5KW non directional 24/7

KZPA 900 Fort Yukon, Alaska isnt owned by KSKO, but simulcasts us a good portion of the day. 5KW Non D from 350 miles away NE of us . I recorded this clip this morning during the KSKO morning show. 6khz audio on my radio, STL is a 128K stereo mp3 stream. Audio:

KLAM 1450 is 250 watts from about 350 miles away, SE of us.  The whine/het you hear is from Iran with 400kw. KLAM is owned by a guy who is the morning news anchor for a Fairbanks TV station and he's originally from Cordova.  Audio:

KCAM-AM 790 Glennallen, Alaska. 5KW Non D 24/7 from about 320 miles away. Audio:

KCHU-AM 770 Valdez, Alaska 10KW Non D 24/7 from about 315 miles away. Audio:

Location: McGrath, Alaska

Radio: CCrane Skywave Non SSB Model

Antenna: DeBock 5" FSL tunable AM "loop"

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