Re: World Radio History - wow!

Ken Kizer

On Tue, 25 Jan 2022 11:04:28 -0800, "FenDrifter via"
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Hi Peter
The amount of work that’s gone into this is phenomenal, and I??m with you, if I find a PayPal link I’ll gladly make a donation!
From the site:

I want to support the site. Can I send you money by PayPal?

Please don't send money. The site is not commercial, and the only
links are to sites than enhance the user's discovery of related
documents or credits for use of protected material. I do not wish to
profit or give the impression of commercialization of this
preservation project.

Consider donating to The Broadcasters Foundation instead. The link is
at the bottom of the home page, and it supports fellow radio and TV
folks who are going through hard times.

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