My Final Verdict - Eton/Grundig Elite Mini


Hi all,

Last night I decided to try a very informal test between the (CCrane) CCRadio 2E and the Eton Elite Mini.

I have been using the "Mini" as my only radio for all of my Ultralight AM/FM DX'ing so far in 2022.

The test last night was only on AM and was a bit of a "popcorn test", where I randomly picked frequencies on the dial and compared the two radios in a side by side audio test.

My audio test is simple:
Which radio allows me to identify a distant station easier.  After all, that is kind of my goal in DX'ing!  :)  Thus no formalities were needed, if the radio "hears" better, it IS better to me for DX'ing.

All stations that I tested on/with were very low on the hearing/audibility threshold.

For ALL stations the CCrane was only SLIGHTLY better with hearing the distant station.  The CCRadio 2E had a slightly lower noise floor, but otherwise the two radios were amazingly similar in their abilities to hear a very "fringy" station.

Is the "2E" a Cadillac/Mercedes?  Yes!  Is the sound quality richer, yes!  Does it have more features, yes!   Does it cost more, yes!  :)   All of these things are generally known by this group.

My tests were just to see if there was a very dramatic, "glaring" difference between the two radios.  Honestly, I wanted to see if I was missing distant stations with the "Mini" that the "2E" could receive.  I found that I was not missing anything that was available to hear.

I can wholeheartedly say that the "Mini" is definitely a good radio for Ultralight DX'ing on both AM and FM (my opinion only, your results may vary!).  Is it simple, yes!  Is it cheap, yes!  Is it perfect, no!  Is it fun, yes (at least I think so!)!

Thanks for reading!  Remember, all tests were very informal and all of this is just "one guys opinion".  Please weigh it accordingly!  :)

P.S.  CCRadio 2E is no longer available...  CCRadio 3 is the current model.  CCRadio 3 - $209   Eton Elite Mini - $29


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