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Hi Peter
Thanks for such an extensive reply! So these are ham radio call signs? Being totally ignorant of this area of interest I have a couple of questions. As this is an ultralight group I’m assuming these logs are picked up on sideband? If so then it’s something I’ve not yet investigated, although I do have a couple of sideband capable sets. Bear in mind I’m a (very) late starter in this game, added to that I’m in the UK. If I chose to look, where would be a good place to start?
The Number-Letter-Letter calls are Australian broadcast callsigns.
Because I'm goofy, now I *have* to know if they were once
VL-number-letter-letter or if that's urban legend. Given geography,
Australian broadcast stations are unlikely to be confused, on air,
with another country, so there wasn't a pressing need to ever have
used them.

Australian broadcasters are like those in North America and --
DAB/DAB+ or LW aside the UK. Medium Wave (520-1710 kHz give or take)
using AM and VHF (88-108 MHz give or take) using FM. Even the few
remaining shortwave broadcasters use AM. Longwave broadcasting, which
was never a thing in the Americas, but that you all still have is also
AM. I think BBC 4 is at 198 kHz?

As for where to start ... you kind of already have. :-)

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