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Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

Does anyone out there have both an E100 and an E10? If so I'd like to
hear about how they compare.

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Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new to the MW ultralight hobby. This morning, being prompted
by Carl's postings, I had about 30 minutes to tune around a bit. I
heard nothing that earth-shattering (but new stations for the new kid
on the block). Logged KFRM, 550 kHz, Salina, KS from 1540-1553 UTC.
Then heard KCSP "61 Sports" on 610 kHz, Kansas City, MO, from 1554-1610
UTC. Both were clear and steady with a little lightning crashes at
times. I'm really enjoying this group and thought I ought to contribute
something now and then, hi hi. I was using the new E-100 I recently
purchased. Running barefoot. Thanks to all for all the very useful tips
and loggings! I live in the same town as Carl, Ponca City, OK. 73, Kirk

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