Re: Should this be soldered?

Steve Ratzlaff

Looking at the diagram it does not appear that pad goes anywhere; if so then it doesn't matter if it's left unsoldered, and it wouldn't change anything if it were soldered. If the other side of the board, which of course you can't see, has traces and there is a trace going to that pad, then yes, it needs to be soldered. But that's probably unlikely, as probably all the traces are on the side you can see.



On 1/22/2022 10:21 AM, FenDrifter via wrote:

Hi all
Can any expert in the group confirm that the indicated terminal/post in the below piccie should have been soldered please? This little cheapie (originally Kaide KK9) was/is eating through batteries at a fair old lick, so I took it apart and had a cursory look at things, and this was all I could see, not that that means much 😊. I have no radio repair knowledge at all so please be gentle with me. I was about to solder this but thought I’d ask first. I’m not by the way suggesting this could be the cause of the original problem. 


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