Re: Eton/Grundig Elite Mini - Initial Observations

Issac Quincey

Where did you get your skywave from?

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On Friday, January 21st, 2022 at 12:53 AM, Johnny via <jlochey@...> wrote:

Hi all,

I have recently bought the Eton/Grundig Elite Mini and really like it!  You can get it "repackaged" from Amazon in the US for about $24.

It is incredibly simple, but with surprising reception when compared with the CCrane Skywave and Radiwow R-108.  The Skywave/R-108 do edge out the "Mini" somewhat, but for it's tiny form factor and price, it is really hard to not like the "Mini".

Mind you, all of my testing is super basic, just switching between radios and choosing the better of the two.

No memories, no bandwidths, just a simple radio with good AM/FM reception, all things considered.  Additionally it has SW band coverage, but I have not yet tried that out very much as I am more of an AM/FM DX'er.

I have been using it as my sole "DX rig" so far in 2022, and I have logged quite a few good (for me) DX catches with it on the AM/FM band.

I have found it to be a fun little radio.  It would also be a good, inexpensive nightstand or "throw in a coat pocket" radio.


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