Re: Online Live Logging Website

Paul Blundell

So people would post what stations they hear and others could look this up and see "John in XYZ heard ABC station at 10pm tonight"?
I can see some benefit to this but I wonder who would upload the data and if it would be a manual process or if it could be exported from a program?

I also wonder what the value of this would be? For me, I don't think many other people would be posting Australian stations and unless they are close to me, the value of knowing somebody 700km away heard a station which is only 300km from me is limited.

On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 12:04 PM Issac Quincey via <> wrote:
I have an idea, I know some amateurs have this sort of system setup.

A live online logging website where in near real time, you can see what stations other people have logged recently. Would this idea work and would anybody be keen to add data to it? I have a background in web dev and have access to some server time on a AWS cluster which could be used.

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