CC Pocket - not so deaf after all

kevin asato

I mentioned recently that the CC Pocket seemed a bit deaf. Well maybe not so dependent upon where or how you listen. It is definitely deaf inside the house having to deal with much electrical interference. However, I managed to clearly hear many LA  stations while walking around the neighborhood not more than a mile from home and a bit of DX as well. Without looking at a signal strength meter, I caught:
620 KTAR Phoenix
660 KTNN Winsdow Rock, AZ - CW, Native American music
680 KNBR San Francisco - sports talk
880 KIXI Mercer Island, WA
For this last one I did not catch an ID but was able to listen to the Gonzaga vs Utah Basketball Game and did a web lookup for ID. With the exception of KNBR, all should have been running at night time power reduction. I did not listen for any challenging stations as it was a quick walk and to get an idea of the ears that this radio has in the wild rather than cooped up in my house. Not bad. The usual disclaimers apply.

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