Re: What to expect in the US - 9 khz AM band spacing?

Peter Laws

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What would one expect if they switched to 9 khz AM band channel spacing in the US on the Ultralight radio?
Every 10th channel would be clear? :-)

If you are in a location that can receive "TA" or "TP" stations, it's
probably worth a listen to see if you can hear any DX on the 9-kHz
channels. Every 10th channel -- i.e., every 90 kHz -- the two channel
schemes meet and you are unlikely to hear anything but a domestic
station on those channels

Seems like one of my non-ultralight receivers (he said, noting which
list he's replying to) erased all the memories I had set up on the
band when I switched to 9-kHz steps - be forewarned. I don't think my
Tecsun PL-606 does that but don't remember. If it hits 60 F here
today, and it's headed that way, I may take the PL-606 out on the deck
while I work and will test.

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