Re: The secret to DX'ing?

Peter Laws

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For me, it is just listening and seeing what I can hear. My equipment is not within scope for this group but will be in the very near future.
Bad news, guy: equipment doesn't matter.

You can DX on a crystal radio. Many of us lay in bed 50 years ago
listening to stations hundreds of miles away on cheap "transistors".

It's a hobby. If the radio works, it's "in scope". Will you hear as
much as someone with 6000 m of wire connected to their brand new
IC-R8600? No. Will you have fun? Yes.

And that's it!

Let me flip that around to make the point: If you listened to your
cheap transistor (there I go again - they've all used transistors for
well over 50 years, it's just that now they are submicroscopic!) every
night, logged every station you heard and figured out where each one
was, you'd be miles ahead of the aforementioned straw man with the
high-dollar Icom if he only turns it on once and a while and listens
to a baseball game from the coast.

Your stuff is "in scope"! :-)

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