Re: Defining moment(s) that got you hooked on Radios?

Peter Laws

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Two defining moments for me....

1) The GE handheld radio (looking at it right now) that my aunt bought me for Christmas - I couldn't believe how cool it was having my own radio!

2) The one night in my teens that I sat (DX'ing? Didn't know at the time!) the FM Band and just couldn't believe how many radio stations there were - from there I branched out to AM/SWL and DX'ing in general

How about you, what was your "defining moment" ?
A very good question!

I don't have *my* GE handheld radio (P-2790D!) that my parents bought
me for my birthday c.1971 but I do watch for them on eBay. :-) The
Panasonic R-1070 I got a few years later is much more common but I'm
not paying $30 for a radio that I won by collecting Popsicle sticks
~50 years ago. :-)

Not sure what the "defining moment" was, though. I *assume* DXing
with either of the above transistors *or* same on Shortwave with a
garage sale, made-in-West-Germany, RCA Victor 4RM41 that had AM, FM,
and "SW". Maybe it was listening to WWV on 10.0 MHz for half an hour?
:-) Walkie Talkies, then CB, then scanners, then amateur ... all
came after I'd been hooked.

Something something magic.

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