Hobbies in Public Areas

Paul Blundell

How do people who undertake their hobbies in public areas handle any questions or concerns from members of the public?

Yesterday I was out at a local park and had my full kit with me, I was setup in an area well away from the playground and not close to any houses, not long after setting up, I have somebody make the effort to walk over to where I was and asked me what I was doing, why I was doing it and did I have a permit? I did try to explain that it was not amateur radio and that I don't need a license for it as it is receiving only (as a side note, I do have my AOCPF).

This is not the first time this has happened. I try to undertake my portable sessions away from people, at less popular / busy parks, not near the playground (unless I have my kids with me), not too early or late in the day and I don't set up too much equipment at once. 

Back in my radio scanning days, this used to be an issue, it seems that in 20 years, not much has changed :( 


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