Re: Maybe I'm weird? Or strange ways that I enjoy the DX'ing hobby!


I could definitely get into FM DXing. I've been messing with radio of all kinds since the late 1950s. SWLing, MW DXing, also a ham since 1963. The most intense and excited I've ever been about the radio hobby was when DXing on VHF - tropo, and E-layer and F-layer skip back in the late 1960s and through the 1970s.
My quirky obsession over the last 15 years or so has been digging into the technical side of propagation on the medium waves. This started with the desire for a more modern method of seeing day/night pattern maps for U.S. stations. I have a lot of computer and programming experience and using this skill along with countless hours of day/night medium wave DX observations through the seasons from opposite sides of the U.S., a program evolved which creates pattern maps.
I don't keep a station list of DX catches. But I tune across the MW and SW bands daily with both ultralights and traditional radios of different vintages, mostly observing propagation. It's funny, but with experience you get to know very quickly from the overall sound of the band and atmosphere if this will be a good session.
Of course, there's always the other quirky obsessions like antenna experimentation, noise abatement, etc.
What a great hobby!

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