Maybe I'm weird? Or strange ways that I enjoy the DX'ing hobby!


Maybe I'm weird?

But I guess we all have our different "ways" that we like to engage in our DX'ing hobby. 

The little things that we get a "kick" out of...  Stuff that would be hard to explain to other DX'ers (maybe?), but out of the question to try to explain to a non-DX'er.

I like to DX both the AM band and the FM band....  But I'm fickle and switch between both bands frequently.

I grew up deeply loving the FM dial and still get a kick out of DX'ing it and REALLY, REALLY got hooked DX'ing this band when I got my first long-distance FM reception this summer

That was really exciting for me and was while I was vacationing in Tennessee, and the station came in loud and clear from Texas!  Super cool!

Okay, so anyways....

One of the "niche" DX'ing activities that I have is that I like to DX the FM dial for just my state of Michigan.  But, I like to find where the transmitters are located and then take a "Sunday Drive" with my wife to see them in person or if we're on a vacation trip, if the location is further away, as we frequently vacation in our state.

Kind of kookie, I know...  Never said I was normal at all!  ;)

I was wondering, anyone of our group care to share a "niche" aspect of the DX'ing hobby that they enjoy?

If we share the more subtle aspects of our hobby, it just might give someone else a cool idea on how to further enjoy this fun hobby.

Just sharing with the group!  Happy *almost* New Year!


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