Re: 40 years of Dxing

Carl DeWhitt

---Congratulations,Allen !I think sometime this year marks 46 years
since i first began tuning for distant stations on the am band.I do
not recall the exact date nor have i been continuously active.But the
dx bug never left my blood.LOL.Here,s wishing you many more years in
this fascinating hobby.I do not know what got you started but it was
curiosity that got me started tuning around and seeing what i could
pick up on the radio.73 and good dx,Allen.

In, Allen Willie <vo1_001_swl@...> wrote:

Hi Everyone,
&nbsp;This coming Tuesday, June 17th will mark my 40th anniversary
as a radio dxer.
&nbsp;It all began for me on the evening of June 17,1968,&nbsp;
tuning the dials of a Crosley tabletop AM-FM radio on the farmstead
back in Alberta. My first taste of long distance DX was&nbsp; hearing
the following message that evening:

"It's 8:03PM Mountain time, This is&nbsp; 560 KMON Great Falls,
Montana"... The rest is History

Forty years have passed since that evening and this radio enthusiast
still has the passion burning inside for pulling out those signals
from faraway places on the radio dials.
It's been forty years of wonderful memories from hearing that first
distance AM station to&nbsp; Clayton Howard&nbsp;and his &nbsp;DX
Party Line Show on HCJB Quito, Ecuador on shortwave. The list goes on.

Radio has&nbsp;provided me many new acquaintances and friendships
either through the hobby or working professionally in the industry.
To all&nbsp;my fellow radio dxers, hobbyists,&nbsp; personalities
and amateur radio operators , thank you for accompanying me on this
wonderful journey over the past four decades. It has been a most
enjoyable experience.

In closing, to be fortunate enough to&nbsp;&nbsp;reside&nbsp;near
the location &nbsp;where&nbsp; radio has &nbsp;had many of it's
beginnings and known as one of the best Dxing&nbsp; locations on
earth, it is truly an honor and privelege to experience first hand
what Mr. Marconi and others began.
&nbsp;I'll be celebrating all that day&nbsp;by Dxing&nbsp; all the
various radio bands along with a&nbsp; dawn and sunset&nbsp;
Dxing&nbsp;trip up to Historic Signal Hill above St. John's and
possibly on out to Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North
America for more of the same. Will also be taking along the
ultralights in hopes of maybe hearing&nbsp; a new one or two on those
as well. A special QSL&nbsp; will be sent on to some of
the&nbsp;stations or operators I hear during the day's activities.

Allen Willie VO1-001- SWL&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Canadian SWL
St. John's, Newfoundland&nbsp; Canada

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