Re: I'll Be On Another ABC (Aus) Radio Station

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

One of the best ever receptions of 1548kHz on my end was Monday October 25th from 1600 to 1700UTC, which I believe is 2 to 3am on Tuesday the 26th in Emerald, QLD

Here are two clips, the first one recorded at 1602UTC:

On Wed, Dec 15, 2021 at 6:27 PM Paul B. Walker, Jr. via <> wrote:
I sent an email to ABC Capricornia an hour ago about my "bombing in like a ton of bricks" reception from 4QD 1548kHz and in 8 minutes!! I had a reply from their bureau chief of staff wanting to do a radio interview with me. We've already recorded it. I'll post details on it's expected airing when I find out.

This marks the 4th ABC outlet I've appeared on.. the others being ABC Hobart Tasmania, ABC Newcastle NSW and ABC national News breakfast TV



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