Re: KJJR 880 DX Test - Saturday Morning, 00:01 AM MST January 8, 2022

Peter Laws

Tried to convert this from a message in my GMail to a calendar entry in my Google Calendar ... while on my iPad.  And may have spammed a bunch of people.  :-(  In my defense, I'd been left unsupervised.  

Staying up this late for the test will be  tough.  If it were at 00:01 MST on the 9th, I'd just do a longer RTTY Roundup (amateur contest) session but this will be 11 hours before that contest starts.

Regardless, I will be curious to find out if I can hear anything other than KRVN.  :-) 

Thanks again, CPC!


On Mon, Dec 6, 2021 at 2:33 AM Les Rayburn <les@...> wrote:

The Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) of the National Radio Club & The International Radio Club of America is pleased to announce a special DX Test for distant listeners for KJJR 880 kHz in Whitefish, Montana. The test is scheduled for Saturday morning, January 8, 2022 at 00:01 AM MST (07:01 UTC). The test will run for two hours until 02:00 AM MST (09:00 UTC).
The Chief Engineer for KJJR, Todd Clark will be performing regular maintenance of the station's audio chain during the test. Listeners will hear Morse Code IDs at 10 WPM 800 Hz and 20 WPM 1,000 Hz. There will also be sweep tones, telephone off-hook indicators, long-duration tones at 1,000 Hz, music, jingles, and more.
More details regarding reception reports, verifications, etc. will be sent in the coming days. We are rushing to make this announcement to give as many DX'ers notification of the upcoming test as possible.
The IRCA/NRC CPC would like to thank the owners of KJJR, Todd Clark, and Paul Walker for helping to arrange the test.


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