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Les Rayburn

I keep a Sony SRF-59 in the bedstead with a small pair of earbuds. While the tuning is tricky, the radio has several advantages. Super share nulls by rotating the until slowly both in a circle, and also be tilting it to various angles. It’s also very sensitive, and fairly selective despite the wide-open filters. 

My wife loves it because it produces no dial light, and doesn’t keep her awake while I DX. I’ve put quite a few new ones in the book with it. Even have a brand-new until still sealed in the back for the day when my bedside model finally gives up the ghost. Great value. 


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Hi Bob, 

Thanks for this, I'm happy to hear that you still like to switch your one on from time to time - I've read great reports about these online.

Looking forward to the darker hours tonight. 

All the best, 

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