Re: WOW!! Alaska AM DX Nov 28

Steve Whitt

Hi Nick


I’m guessing you are somewhere in the UK? If so the best chance of hearing Alaska on MW is KBRW 680.


It needs special conditions and the best time to listen isn’t obvious. Just before UK sunset is a possibility. It helps to reduce interference from Spain on 684. Reception of KBRW has occurred at almost every hour of the day in deep winter in northern Scotland.


But reception further south is exceptional.


Good luck




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Subject: Re: [UltralightDX] WOW!! Alaska AM DX Nov 28


On Sun, Nov 28, 2021 at 06:37 PM, Paul B. Walker, Jr. wrote:

Talk Sport 1089 and Absolute on 1215 were in fairly to pretty good in decent spurts.

Great stuff, if you're hearing those where should I be listening for stuff from Alaska?


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