Re: Radio Plans - 2022

Paul Blundell

That sounds like an excellent location, I hope you get some good results from there.


On Thu, 25 Nov 2021, 6:16 am M.I.H.0 via, <> wrote:
Thanks for sharing this, Paul. It's always nice to read how others engage in their hobby.

For me personally, January of 2022 marks the time when I move into my new home in Scotland. For the first time in my (relatively new) radio interest, I'll be living beside the sea. I'm looking forward to seeing how this hopefully effects positively my listening sessions at home and the ease of living 5 minutes walk away from the water.

Regarding kit, I've had some pretty pleasing results with my Tecsun AN200 tuneable loop, combined with both my Radiwow R-108 and 7600GR (the latter obviously not technically ultralight), but am looking to add another UL to my radio gear collection in 2022 - and your mention of Digitech has sparked an interest to look deeper into the brand.

Thanks for the blog, Paul - it makes for enjoyable reading.


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