Radio Plans - 2022

Paul Blundell

With the end of the year approaching fast, what has worked well / been enjoyable in 2021 and what are your radio plans for 2022?

2021 was a mixed year for me. I started a new job in September which sees me more office bound at our CBD office and also working from home a few days a week, this has meant that my ad-hoc portable sessions (such as during my lunch breaks when I was close to a park) have now stopped. Any portable sessions are now only when I have planned them or on the rare chance I get time to do them.

My kit has stayed fairly stable in 2021, my Digitech AR-1733 is still my main DXng radio. I have also been using my TEAC PR130 at times and this fills the role of my bed time radio. I have also found this to work fairly well with my 3” FSL. I have added a couple of small “analogue” tuning radios and these are fun to use at times and add a new challenge with logging and ID’ing stations.
My experience with my V-115 was not great but a “new” one is on the way. I hope this works better as the V-115 does have some nice features.

I have a few things I want to do in 2022:
- Continue with as many of my portable ultralight radio DXing sessions as I can. Unlike in the past, these will need to be planned more.
- Continue to develop my blog, creating new content and posting anything of interest to the Ultralight Radio DXing community.
- Plan a more comprehensive DXing project. This might involve more stations being logged more often and these results being stored and compared in a different way.

COVID-19 has again thrown a lot of plans for 2021 out the window. I have again struggled to get motivated and to plan many portable sessions.

What are your radio plans for 2022?


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