Re: Official 'ultralight' specs?

Nick B.

I'd like to nominate the Sangean ATS-606A, also sold here in the UK as the Roberts R876. It's an older portable based around the Sony CAX1238M, but there is only one fixed bandwidth (450kHz IF filter). It has an external antenna socket which works on MW/LW without modification and the internal ferrite rod is a wideband FET amplifier. The audio quality is very crisp and clear.

Note that the original ATS-606 (not A, also Roberts R617) does not have the fine-tune facility which allows you to tune in 1kHz steps.

I've heard several North American TAs on mineĀ  here in the UK using an external antenna, as well as stations around Europe and the Middle East.

73s and good DX
Nick B.

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