Re: Official 'ultralight' specs?


The change in the SSB requirement is good to know, Gary as it opens the door to a few more radios. I used to tease John with the thought that my R390A ought to be grandfathered in because it does have handles.... 2 in fact.  You are buried in making FSL's, I'm in a similar situation restoring GE Super Radio's.  I located a line of audio grade capacitors which will fit in the space available allowing the 30 year old, dried up electrolytic to be pulled and replaced with the audio grades.  Audio is much more smooth and detailed.  Also am replacing the 280 kHz wide Chinese filter in the FM IF with a 180 kHz Murata.  Very helpful, does not change the response on these mono radios but makes them competitive on FM DX.  I want to add a super small but bright LED, out of sight but lighting up the dial pointer.  If it will fit AND not cause QRN, that'll be a winner.

Still have my hot-rodded PL-380 and 1 spare 7.5" ferrite bar.  That'll go on the D-808.
Chuck Rippel, K8HU
Chesapeake, VA
USCGR, ret.

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