Re: A New Radio For Christmas

Paul Blundell

Thanks Bill.

I think with the prices, we are paying for a local supplier with a local warranty. I will have a good look over them.


On Sun, 7 Nov 2021, 8:47 pm mediumwavedx, <desertbilly@...> wrote:
Hi Paul,
I have the R-108 and like it. It is heads above the Tecsun PL-380 I had. Sensitive enough for my needs, and very pleasant audio. Sensitivity can be augmented by an external loop of course. No SSB, however. I did find the battery a bit anemic and required charging often. Otherwise, it's very similar in performance to the original C.Crane Skywave, and apparently an Asian clone of that radio.
I looked at your site link for the R-108. I was shocked at the price - $130 Australian. I calculated the exchange rate and that's $96 U.S. You can get these on U.S. Amazon in the $45~ range. I wonder what gives there? Is the radio engineered differently?
Dan Robinson has a detailed review of the PL-330 on:
Jay Allen also has a nice PL-330 review:
Jay says the PL-330 suffers a bit in sensitivity on the MW band.
On the Tecsun PL-368, another Dan Robinson review:
Apparently it has some problems. Maybe they have been fixed.
Good luck with your purchase.

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