Re: Official 'ultralight' specs?

Paul Blundell

That's pretty much it.

This is from my blog which is based on the "original" guide from when I first joined the Ultralight dxing hobby.

What is an Ultralight Receiver?
The ULR Definition Committee has come up with the following guidelines:
1. It is a simple shirt pocket-sized radio of not more than approximately 20 cubic inches.
2. It is an entertainment-grade radio, as opposed to enthusiast’s radio. As such, it will usually not have selectable filters, AM synchronous detection or SSB clarification.
3. It is readily available to the hobby in new or used markets at the time of its approval.
4. It costs no more than $100 retail at the time of approval.
5. It is primarily a radio. While it may have other features as well (MP3 recorder, etc.), the design and function should have radio reception as its focus.
6. It is not a "novelty radio" such as Coca Cola Can radio, Mr Potato Head, etc.

On Sun, 7 Nov 2021, 9:36 am M.I.H.0 via, <> wrote:
Good evening everyone -

Can anybody tell me what the 'official' specifications of an ultralight DX radio are?

The only consistent stat I can find is that it must not exceed 20 cubic inches. Other things I've seen online is that the radio must be a hobby grade receiver with no SSB capacity and also must not have or had a value in excess of 100$£€, when new on the market. 

Other than this I can't see too much. 

Thanks in advance. 

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