Re: Official 'ultralight' specs?

Gary DeBock

Hello M.I.H.0,

There is no way to keep a list of all "official" Ultralight radios currently on the market because this information changes so rapidly that such a list would be outdated as soon as it is drafted. In addition, all of our previous volunteers in the Ultralight Classifications Committee are no longer active in the group, and I lack the free time to assist in this (with a waiting list of over 20 DXers hoping to get an FSL antenna).

For now, just go by the common rules of under $100 US in price, under 20 cubic inches in volume and readily available for purchase on the open market. The radio should also be a "consumer model, " and not a novelty radio. SSB function is no longer a deal breaker, as long as all the other criteria are met. Also, "official" Ultralight radio status only applies to the Ultralight Awards program and the Ultralight Records List-- both of which are currently in limbo because of (you guessed it) a lack of volunteers. As for reporting DX loggings on this list, you are free to report any loggings made with any portable you wish-- nobody will quibble about it.

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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