Re: A Station ID From Iran

Paul Blundell

Well done Paul and another great logging.

On Tue, 2 Nov 2021, 7:03 pm Jorge Garzón via, <> wrote:
Hi Paul! Congratulation for your DXing activity and catches. Well, it is clear that is just the chance and not the polar (ID) absorption ;-) 

I have heard Radio Payam quite a few times during the night when Hungary fades in and out. Irani waves have a very recognizable music and talk rythm, Farsi is also a recognizable tongue most of the times. 

Something that puzzles me is that you haven't recorded any station from Spain or Portugal. Some of them reach well Greenland and remote receivers in Lapland, so maybe the ones transmitting from medium latitudes are a kind of 'shadow area' for you? Any explanation? 

I am redirecting your listening reports to our IberiaDX e-mail list to spread your work and audios to promote outdoor ULDXing here in Europe. 

Hope your time, even darker and colder now, be warm enough with the arrival of  stations IDs. 

Take care y buen DX! 

El lun., nov. 1, 2021 a 18:18, Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Radio geekdom moment: When DXing international AMs 5000-6000-7000-8000 miles away from Alaska, I rarely catch a top of hour station ID and even more rare is a staiton ID I can understand when I have a tunnel open to Europe or the Middle East.

But I caught one last week. One tone, a station ID and then more tones.. which according to my notes it’s several seconds AFTER the top of hour.

This is audio from the 300,000 Watt Tehran, Iran transmitter of Radio Payam on 1188khz:

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