Alaska AM DX Audio Logs

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

My location: McGrath, Alaska using a C.Crane Skywave,  5” DeBock FSL antenna, Zoom H1 digital recorder and Sony MDR7506 headphones. All were confirmed either by a match to a web stream or known to me with 100 percent certainty that’s what I was hearing.  This isn't all, but is most of what I’ve logged, some stuff is left out such as weaker stuff I’ve reported already. I try to keep my logs to stuff that’s interesting for one reason or another, a new log, exceptionally strong signal given the circumstances.. something like that!


864kHz Trans World Radio via 1,000,000 Watt Gavar, Armenia transmitter site on Wed Oct 27 at 1708UTC with some singing by a man and woman followed by a brief Interval Signal interlude then the start of another program. Signal is VERY good at times, but does fade out a bit. 5209 mile transpolar path. Audio:


936kHz IRIB Radio Azarbyajan Gharbi via 300KW transmitter in Fesanduz, Iran on Wed Oct 27 at 1640UTC with music followed by a man talking, maybe over the phone. The signal was good enough and clear enough that Soundhound and Shazam were able to correctly ID the song.  It was getting beat up by splatter from other stations but overall, a good signal otherwise. 5460 mile transpolar path. Audio:


1053kHz Radio Iași via 400KW transmitter in Iași, Romania on Wed Oct 27 at 1628UTC with some real good Romanian music, good audio quality and good signal but my local NDB beacon in the background. You see, VTR is running a blistering 1KW on 350kHz and 1050 is square on it’s 3rd harmonic. 4827 mile transpolar path. Audio: http://bit.lyRomania1053Oct27_1628utc


NEW! 1179kHz IRIB Radio Iran via 50KW transmitter in Chah Bahar on Wed Oct 27 at 1557utc. This was initially an unknown as MWlist says its on 558kHz but WRTH still has it on 1179khz.  Someone also ID’d the language as Farsi and said its much more likely to be Iran then the other 1179 in the Middle east, KuwaitStarts with a woman talking, a music interlude then a man talking. Near the end of the recording, you can hear it give way to a Chinese language station.  Poor to fair at times, but other times, a good signal.  5484 mile transpolar path. Audio:


NEW! 1188kHz IRIB Radio Payam via 300KW transmitter in Tehran, Iran on Wed Oct 27 at 1559UTC with music and some talking interspersed. A few seconds past 1600UTC top of hour, there’s a brief time tone, “Radio Payam” station id and a few more tones. So rare for me to get a station ID from a non English speaking station that I can so easily understand. 5460 mile transpolar path. Audio:


NEW! 1260kHz SBA Radio Riyadh via 500KW transmitter in Damman, Saudi Arabia on Oct 27 at 1602UTC with a woman reading what sounds like a news report and playing some sound bites followed by some music later on. Not too bad of a signal for over 6 minutes! 6102 mile transpolar path.




NEW! 1278kHz IRIB Radio Kermanshah via 200KW transmitter in Kermanshah, Iran on Wed Oct 27 at 1624UTC with a musical interlude then a female talking. Weak/noisy signal.  5600 mile transpolar path. Audio:


NEW! 1368kHz IRIB Radio Golestan via 150KW transmitter in Gonbad-e Qabus, Iran on Wed Oct 27 at 1623UTC with some talking, a brief musical interlude and more talking. Noisy and poor signal. 5308 mile transpolar path. Audio:


1395kHz Public Radio of Armenia via 400kw transmitter in Gavar, Armenia on Wed Oct 27 at 1617UTC with man talking. The signal fades out a bit and comes back with music for a bit, before yet another fade down and rise up. On peaks, pretty good signal. 5209 mile transpolar path. Audio:


1449kHz IRIB World Service via 400kw transmitter in Bandar-e Torkman, Iran on Sat Oct 23 at 1637UTC with female in turkmen language, with what sounded like a news report. Slight het from 250 Watt KLAM 1450 but pretty good signal for nearly 3 minutes. 5835 mile transpolar path. Audio:


NEW! 1467kHz IRIB Radio Qom via 100KW Transmitter in Qom, Iran on Oct 27 at 1650UTC with music.  Signal was brief but very good! 5460 mile transpolar path. Audio:


1512kHz IRIB Radio Ardabill via 50KW transmitter in Ardabill, Iran on Wed Oct 27 at 1611UTC with a man talking, sounds like he’s on the phone.  There’s a musical interlude, and more talking. The signal is exceptionally clear and strong at times especially considering the power level! I’ve yet to log the 1 megawatt Saudi on 1512! 5320 mile transpolar path. Audio:

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