Re: Alaska AM DX Audio

Paul Blundell

Great loggings as always and good to see some Aussie stations in the mix.


On Tue, 19 Oct 2021, 12:57 pm Paul B. Walker, Jr., <walkerbroadcasting@...> wrote:
Recorded in McGrath, Alaska with a CCrane Skywave & DeBock 5" FSL Antenna

936kHz IRIB Radio Azarbayjan Gharbi, Fesanduz, Iran on Sat Oct 16 at 1512UTC with  woman talking, fair to weak signal.Match to stream!  300kw via 5460 mile transpolar path. Audio:

1026kHz IRIB Radio Tabriz, Azarshahr, Iran on Sat. Oct 16th at 1458UTC  with what sounds like a man talking on the phone. Fair signal. Match to stream 200kw via 5460 mile transpolar path.  Audio:

1071kHz IRIB Radio Ma'aref Tartus, Iran on Sat. Oct 16 at 1517utc with brief musical interlude followed by a man talking.  Fair signal but lots of atmospheric noises clutters the signal a bit.  Match to stream 100kw via 5460 mile transpolar path. Audio:

1116kHz 4BH Brisbane, QLD, Aus Thu Oct 14 at 1459UTC with fair signal, oldies song into station top of hour id and female newsreader. not the best signal I've had from them by any means, but I've rarely caught a top of hour from many stations.  6.3kw night power at 6850 miles. Audio:

1314kHz Sky Racing Radio, Wollongong, NSW, Aus Thu Oct 14 at 1620UTC with live horse racing action. Signal and audio are poor and fade down a bit, but no mistaking what this is vs the other 1314 in Australia thats sports TALK.  5kw at 7344 miles. Audio:

1386kHz Radio Baltic Waves International, Viesintos Lithuania on Mon Oct 18 at 1549UTC woman talking in a slavic language. I've heard them much bettr than this before. 75kw via 4239 miel transpolar path. Audio:

1413khz Vesti FM, Grigoriopol, Moldova Sat Oct 16 at 1616UTC. Man talking in Russian  on phone and female host in studio. Poor to fair signal, I've heard them much stronger than this before. 500kw via 4825 mile transpolar path. 

1449kHz IRIB World Service, Bandar-e Torkaman, Iran in Turkmen on Sat Oct 16 at 1510UTC. Signal is pretty decent with a bit of a het from KLAM 1450 300 miles away but gets abundantly clear just a little over into the recording. I'm guessing at the rate at which the guy is talking and a few of the words I pick out, this is some kind of religious recitation/speech.  400kw via 5835 mile trans-polar path. Audio:

1485kHz NRK P1 Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway on Sat. Oct 16th at 1501UTC with man and woman talking in Norweigan followed by a song, "Runaway" from The Corrs. 1KW via 2325 mile transpolar path. Not a bad signal for what it is. Audio:

1512kHz IRIB Radio Ardabil, Ardabill Iran on Fri Oct 15 at 1611UTC with somewhat lively chat between two men. It was not the 1 megawatt Saudi and I was able to confirm that because the content I heard on 1512 matched the Iran webstream. 50kw via 5320 mile transpolar path. Audio:

1548kHz Radio Sawa via al Kuwayt, Kuwait on Fri Oct 15 at 1623UTC with what sounds like a promo announcement by a woman then a man begins talking. Fair signal but some atmospheric noise.  600kw via 5927 mile transpolar path. Audio:

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