Re: Knowing Your Dial Helps With Logs

Paul Blundell

So very true Paul. The more you know, the better.

On Mon, 11 Oct 2021, 4:42 am Paul B. Walker, Jr., <walkerbroadcasting@...> wrote:
2RN 1512 and 2NC 1233 (10kw Non Directional) Newcastle, NSW heard this morning slightly after 1600UTC in Alaska. Heard them both last winter and 2NC even interviewed me on air. Was tuned to 1548 4QD and hit 1512 and thought I heard rumbles of the same overnight show and knew 1512 was 2RN.. so went over to 1233 hoping I'd nab that ABC local and had something there as well that was identifiable. Being familiar with shows and what stations are where certainly helps.


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