Re: Antenna switcher and splitter

LA2PJ - Egil

Hi Jorge,

I built my own 2-way splitter called "BB-2" in this article:

A couple of months later I bought a commercial 5-way splitter (ELAD ASA15).
All signal levels in the homebrew splitter was approximately half an S-unit lower than on the commercial splitter. But with the homebrew unit I'm able to read much weaker signals than I do with the commercial unit. The commercial unit has a built-in amplifier raising the noise floor.

Just one week ago I found this link:

The price of the chinese unit is is only 25% of what I have to pay here in Norway for the ferrite cores in the homebuilt unit above, so I ordered some of them for experiments. But they'll take another four weeks before arriving here. Looking forward to that.

Egil - LA2PJ

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