Re: 2009 Seefontein Dxpedition Video on You Tube


--- In ultralightdx@..., "nn4cw" wrote:
> Gary,
> Thanks for the BOG vs. elevated Bev. comparison.
> The Jogenstat clip was interesting as well. Perth coming in over 5000 miles away on your Frg-7 sounded as robust as a local. I am a Frg fan. R-r-r-ivet!
> 73, Gil
There's an interesting follow-up story to the 720 ABC Perth clip on the Jongensgat video. I received this email a few week later :
" ... Hi Gary, A friend sent me a link to your YouTube piece about Dx int. He suggested I listen about 2:00 mins in. To my great surprise I found myself listening to a broadcast I made through 6WF in Perth Western Australia. It was sure strange to sit and watch-and listen- as my words came back to me via youtube and South Africa. Regards John ... "
It sure was an interesting way of obtaining an unexpected QSL . 6WF can be quite a regular here and does get through remarkably well at times. It seemed as if we were listening from downtown Perth instead of over 5 000 miles away ! 

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