Re: Spain on MW, a few remarks.

Gary DeBock

On Sun, Sep 5, 2021 at 08:15 AM, patrice.privat wrote:
We all, from time to time, dream of Spain giving up on MW, for the countless DX opportunities it would open for European DXers.
And this could happen quicker than we think, especially when the next global Financial Bubble will burst, in the wake of Covid.

But !
But have we in mind the fantastic hunting ground that Spain provides for Ultralight hunters ?
Ever since I bought my Tecsun, I logged 97 Spanish stations, some of them are now dead, especially in the Pais Vasco
(for instance Euzkadi Irratia 1386 khz).

Much to my surprise, I checked today with MWLIST.ORG what is still to be Identified (both RNE and private networks)
and I ended up with 82 stations, that I still haven't heard.

So, let's hope Spain stays on the scene, and I can get new ones galore.

Thanks Patrice,

Not only European DXers but also DXers on the other side of the world try for these Spanish MW stations.

During the November 2019 Poipu, Hawaii DXpedition every continent of the world except Europe was received on MW with a CC Skywave Ultralight and a 5 inch (12cm) FSL antenna. Almost all of the old European big guns (756-DLF, 1134-Croatia, 1377-France Info etc.) have gone QRT, making Europe a pretty tough challenge to receive in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. Even 864-ERTU was received in Hawaii, but we drew a blank with Europe.

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
Photo is Australian Chris Rogers (seated) and me (standing) on the Poipu beach

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