a question regarding 2 pocket setts? :)


hi all,
i'm new to this lovly group, dxing is what I love!
fm dxing mostly.
I have a question.
I own the tecsun pl10 et,
and was looking at the Radiwow-r-108
so here are my questions if it is no trouble?
what is fm reception like between the pl10 et and the r108?
selectivity etc, is it alot better?
what is the avarage runtime with the r108?
is it possible to turn off the display completely on the r108?
i'm blind.
on a related note how would i go about turning off the display completely on the pl10 et?
is there another unit that is better than the r108 with the specifications that I have given above?
i've herd about the pl660
which sounds interesting,
wish it was possible to change the filters on the fm band, makeing them narrower etc,

thanks for welcomeing me to your lovly group!
sorry for spelling errors, i'm blind.
Majid Hussain

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