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Allen Willie

Hi Everyone,
Dxing for a couple hours early this morning , no new ones but conditions seemed pretty decent Some logs from  last couple  evenings.
760 khz - WCHP Champlain, New York  23:42 UTC  4/3/09  w/ religious programming then sign off and information about station  
1548 khz - Voice of Russia  via  Grigioriopol Relay  Moldova   22:22 UTC  4/4/09 w/ Italian program , music and commentary
1690 khz - CHTO Toronto, Ontario   8:40 UTC  04/05/09  w/ Greek programming, music and talk
1420 khz - WHK - Cleveland, Ohio  8:55 UTC  04/05/09  w/ talk show , ads (dominating over semi-local )
All heard on the SRF-M37V w/ Terk Loop
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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