GS Ultralight Loggings Apr. 4, 2009

Greg Shoom <shoomg@...>

Ultralight loggings for Sat. Apr. 4, 2009. All stations logged from Toronto, ON. Dates and times in UTC.

Two more stations added to the ultralight log. Total ultralight count is now: 280.

1350 WHWH NJ Princeton - 04-Apr-2009 0240 UTC - Song: "That's Amore". ID: "AM 1350 WHWH Princeton". Song: "Chantilly Lace". 5 kW. Eton E-100. (Fair).
--> New station for the overall log.

1370 WSPD OH Toledo - 04-Apr-2009 0250 UTC - Talk show (sounded like Mark Levin, but not certain). Ads. ID: "You're listening to Toledo's voice of reason, News Talk 1370 WSPD". 5 kW, Eton E-100. (Fair-Poor).

Greg Shoom

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