Re: 2009 Seefontein Dxpedition Video on You Tube


Thanks to all for your kind comments regarding the video.
Gil, in answer to your questions, I really enjoyed composing and performing the music which provided an interesting opportunity to try and combine my musical profession with the dxing hobby.  I am a musician/composer/performer and operate from a home studio here at Fish Hoek. I've had the pleasure of writing and recording for a few local radio stations including the odd television and film project over the years. 
Regarding the receiving antenna, I've found that at certain locations, the BOG can certainly hold its own against an elevated beverage.
During a previous dxpedition to Jongensgat (BTW another You Tube video at a slightly shorter BOG towards the Far East seemed to outperform an elevated Beverage in the same direction before local sunset.  The interference from local electrical noise sources was also virtually non existant with the BOG as opposed to the elevated beverage. At some point after local sunset the elevated beverage seemed to provide a slightly better gain over the BOG. That certainly was not a concern as a lot of the interesting dx can occur around local sunset and local sunrise when the BOG can hold its own anyway.
I understand that the signal loss of a BOG depends on soil conditions.  A BOG certainly seems to perform well over the sandy soil at the coast. Another obvious advantage is the easy set-up and less visible aspect in a more public environment.  
Gary Deacon
Fish Hoek
Cape Province
South Africa

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