Re: Rockwork Cliff DXpedition-- Ultralight + FSL Loggings

Gary DeBock

On Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 06:49 AM, radiojayallen wrote:
I've got to say that when I see these pictures I can't believe the natural beauty of the location, both technically and aesthetically. What a great spot for both!

Thanks Jay,

The ocean cliff environment is indeed a wild new venue for DXing, but there's a good reason why 6 guys set up their antennas on this plunging cliff. After some initial skepticism almost all of the Northwest TP-DXing group now has become true believers in an ocean cliff's ability to enhance transoceanic DX signals. At least two west coast records were shattered in this DXpedition (total number of DU's received in a west coast DXpedition, and total number of South Pacific NDB's received).


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