Re: Counterpoise question


A counterpoise or artificial ground can indeed enhance reception but is always trial and error as its effectiveness may vary from one situation to the next. To do this you need to access the radio's chassis ground which could usually be done most easily by connection to the shield (outer part) of the USB plug or headphone jack. You could also connect to the negative battery terminal but this is not always physically easy.

The counterpoise itself could be just a piece of wire and generally something perhaps 10 feet or so should be good but there is no real limit on this. This wire could just be layed on the floor but one question I have is have you tried an external antenna already?. You will probably get more boost by using a wire antenna...I would do that first, and the counterpoise secondly. This antenna could be a wire perhaps 20-30 feet long (such as one of those common reel-up antennas) clipped to the whip.


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